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Zig zag aka Ric Rak aka Fishbone Cactus ( Cryptocereus anthonyanus )

Ric Rac Cactus

Ric Rac Cactus Jun 2014

Zig zag cactus

Zig zag cactus

It is a fast grower and should fill this basket in no time. One branch broke off and we have it rooting in another pot. To propagate, take a small piece of stem, place it in soil, keep moist until you see new growth.

Flowers will open only at night, for one night, and are very fragrant.

It is an epiphytic plant, you can grow it in soil or in orchid bark, use which ever pleases you. In the wild it grows on trees with aerial roots.

Use bright, but not direct light so an east or west window is best. Keep it somewhat dry like you would an Easter or Christmas cactus but don’t let it dry out as much as a regular cactus. Temperatures need to be above 40’F. I did leave this out all winter with a few nights dipping into the low 30’F. It’s near a stone wall and the front door and the heat from both probably kept it warm enough. It’s been happily growing along.

It can be trained up something rather than allowing it to hang down, but usually it is left to hang.