Herself's Houseplants

Killing plants so you don't have to

Here’s a quick way to liven up your houseplant displays

Here’s a houseplant idea I’ve never seen or heard about before. It is a cool and unusual way to liven up your house plants and break up the monotony. To accomplish this take any container that holds water, a small glass, an empty jar etc. Place it in the middle of the pot when you plant your house plant. It is then covered by the plant. You can then add water to the container and place cut fresh flowers in the water.

. . . How often can you move the potted plant to relieve yourself of this visual boredom or frivolously spend large amounts on fresh cut flowers.  An easy and often less thought of solution to this nagging home décor concern is the Pot-et-fleur…French for “pot and flower” which is basically a magnificent combination of freshly cut flowers and lush growing greenery – a “Living Vase.”

The plant grows in the container and flowers are added for a colour accent when desired.

The container you choose must be waterproof as it will have soil in it and need watering. You can use ceramics, plastic lined baskets, troughs etc depending on the size of the arrangement and its placement.

In this planter set your mix of compost. Leave a small place in the centre of the container when planting and insert a disguised food tin, florists tube or oasis (florist foam) to hold water for the ends of the cut flowers. Pieces of driftwood, stones, coral and shells may be added to the surface of the compost. . . . [ read more A living vase]