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Top watering or bottom watering?

I received an interesting question by email this week, someone wrote to ask if there was a list of plants preferring to be bottom watered as opposed to top watered.

Most people know that African Violets prefer bottom watering and that’s about it.  While I don’t know of a list of plants preferring bottom to top watering I can give you some rules of thumb:

Bottom water preferring plants:

– Plants that are tropical and prefer moist soil, including African voilets but any plant that prefers moist soil and warm temperatures.

– Plants that don’t like wet leaves, this is usually your warm weather tropicals and plants with fuzzy leaves, like Purple Passion/Purple Velvet plant.

– Bog plants including Venus flytraps, pitcher plants and other bog plants grown inside.

Top water preferring plants:

– Any plant planted in sand like cactus, the sand doesn’t wick up enough water from the bottom to water the plant.

– Any plant in bark, same as above, to bottom water a plant you need  a soil that will wick the water up.  So orchids in bark need water from the top.