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Things that eat African Violets

According to Texas A&M there are three types of critters that eat African Violets, chewing, sucking and nuisance.

Chewing pests can cause wilting of your plant, sever leaves, eat holes in the leaves or flowers or discolor the leaves or petals. They include: cockroaches, thrips, various larvae, foliage feeding beetles, snails, slugs and symphylids.

Sucking pests can cause wilting, sticky residue on plant, curl or stunt leaves, yellowing leaves or dead spots in leaves. They include: Cyclamen mites, broad mites, spider mites, aphids, scale, mealybugs ( foliar and soil ).

Nuisance pests annoy you but don’t hurt the plant. They include: pillbugs, earwigs, and springtails and black flies.

Use a pesticide to cure the problem. Your local nursery has many pesticides now rated for indoor and house plant use.

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