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The 2 Easiest indoor flowering houseplants

But it isn’t really just 2 plants, each comes in more colors than you can imagine.

African Violets
Phalaenopsis Orchids

African Violets and Phalaenopsis Orchids are easy to locate at nurseries, big box hardware stores, and even many grocery stores.

African Violets and Phalaenopsis will both flower in just about any house window. The orchids prefer drafty windows. The African Violets do not like to be cold, keep them in a warm location. Both will do very well under a fluorescent table lamp during cloudy, dark months.

Both are exceptionally easy to care for. African violets do best when kept uniformly damp. They do not like to get water on their leaves and do not like cold water. Put them in a shallow saucer. Add water when the saucer is dry.

Phalaenopsis also like be damp, plant them in sphagnum moss, water when the top is dry to the touch.

Both African Violets and Phalaenopsis will bloom once or twice a year for several months at a time.

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