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Succulents are gaining popularity in American Gardens

. . . Low maintenance succulents are making their way into American gardens in ways like never before. Many of these unassuming plants have been favored as houseplants by horticulturists who had access to a greenhouse or arid conservatory. I remember in college growing a little hanging succulent known as burro’s tail.

With subtle and understated blooms, it’s no wonder gardeners favoring brazen floral shows haven’t taken much note of these beauties in the past.

With lifestyles gearing toward low-input plantings, however, the humble succulent has found a niche in the container garden and landscape in a big way . . .

What the article doesn’t mention is that dish gardens are rapidly growing in popularity again. One of the favorite themes for dish gardens is succulents. As long as you give them enough light, they’ll forgive you just about anything else.

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Succulents find niche in containers or a landscape