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I love unusual plants and this one has the added benefit of being easy to grow. I’ve seen it in hanging pots where it spills over the sides and down about 4′. I’ve seen it in greenhouses, shaded and full sun, I have some in pots out back in full sun.

It is known as a carrion flower. The flower is scented to attract flies, it has a mild, distasteful smell, that is not noticeable after a few days. Unless you’re a fly.

It loves the sun, it loves when you forget to water it, it just doesn’t like the cold. It must be protected from freezing.

In the winter it will need lots of light, all you can give to it, and ease up on the watering or it will rot. It is very prone to root rot, water this plant sparingly.

Stapelia does best planted in sand so the water can rapidly drain and the soil dry.

This plant is native to parts of Africa and there are several sub-species with different sized, colored and shaped flowers.

Snap off a stalk and plant it. It’s that easy.

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