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Killing plants so you don't have to

Use sphagnum moss to make your plants easier to care for

Sphagnum moss can be found in the plant section of most stores. If you paid more than $3 a bag you got snookered.

I use it for my orchids. Since I started planting my orchids in moss instead of bark I have not lost a single plant. They will need watering a lot less frequently and I don’t have the mildew problems that I sometimes had with bark.

I use this for my carnivorous plants as well. The bog plants love to grow in the sphagnum moss.

And most importantly I use it for rescue plants. When I have a plant in trouble I plant in in wet sphagnum moss and use a clear plastic bag to create a greenhouse over the plant. That along with a bit of fertilizer with rooting hormones will bring back just about any plant from death’s door.