Herself's Houseplants

Killing plants so you don't have to

Solving decorating problems with plants

Many bulbs, once forced and flowering do not object to being located in dark locations. Amaryllis with its bright, huge flowers can brighten up any dark corner. Group bulbs together and place in a wicker container or in a clear glass container with glass pebbles for a nice effect.

Orchids work wonderfully grouped together in long containers and placed on long counters, tables or buffets.

Larger plants can be used to mark off rooms in an open floor plan, yet still keep an open feel to the home. You can use them to cover up things you’d rather not see, like the pet food dishes.

Unused fireplaces can be brightened by placing plants inside.

Ugly views out windows can be obscured by hanging a plant in front of the window or putting a shelf in front of the window and then placing plants on the shelf.