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Snake Plant aka Mother-in-Law’s Tongue ( Sansevieria trifasciata )

Snake plants will forgive the most neglectful of gardeners. This is the only house plant I have that survived when I returned to college.

It will grow in the darkest corners of the house, but will do better with low to medium light. It can reach 5′ tall even inside.

It does have flowers, I’ve had it flower even in dark corners of my home. It needs to get large to flower and flowers are like small white lilacs.

Let the soil go dry a couple of inches down between waterings. It wants to be almost but not quite as dry as a cactus.

To propagate pull off a leave and stick it in a pot of dirt and water. If it gets too large, you can remove it from the pot, cut it into sections with some leaves and some roots on each section and repot each section. It is extremely easy to propagate. I’m told you can also take a leaf, keeping the top up and the bottom down, cut it into 2″ horizontal slices and place the bottom of the leave parts in soil and the top up much like you would an African violet leaf you were propagating.

The fibers of the leaves of this plant were used to make bow strings in ancient times.

Some one asked if you could trim this plant if it gets to tall. Yes, you can trim off the tops of the leaves if the plant is too tall or if they get brown and it will do just fine. The tops of the leaves you removed, if healthy, can be put in soil and will root.

If the leaves are not stiff or bend, quit watering so much!

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