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Sedums forgotten plants indoors and out

. . . SEE-dum, as in the evergreen ground cover cited so often as a water-sipping lawn alternative. . . As in the versatile, low-maintenance species that work so well on slopes, in rock gardens, around pavers and as filler plants in containers.

While eye-arresting echeverias, otherworldly aeoniums and architectural Agave attenuata take center stage in succulent landscapes and magazine spreads, the poor sedum trudges on, underappreciated and barely recognized — the character actor you know you’ve seen before, but you’re just not sure where.
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In her new book “Designing With Succulents,” Debra Lee Baldwin suggests using Sedum rupestre ‘Angelina’ en masse to great effect. “Use it to create rivers of colors amid flower beds as a border and in juxtaposition with plants with deep red flowers and foliage,” she says. “It is also lovely cascading from a container or tucked into a stone wall.”

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