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Rising fertilizer prices and spiked organic fertilizer

Rising fertilizer prices have been effecting farmers and home gardeners all year.  Prices doubled then tripled in 2008.   Most of the rise in prices is due to the idiotic ethanol fiasco.  Another reason is that natural gas prices have been rising which is the main source of nitrogen in many fertilizers.  So you would think a company that makes organic fertilizers, would benefit from the rising market.  Instead one company California Liquid Fertilizer spiked its organic fertilizers with ammonium sulfate.

California Liquid Fertilizer claims to make organic fertilizer from fish and chicken waste and by products.  The rising price of gas would not have effected their costs, yet make it able for them to charge more keeping with current prices.  So it is difficult to understand why they would do such a stupid thing.

Many organic farms are now at risk of losing their organic status.

The California regulatory agency was informed of the problem by a whistleblower in 2004.

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Another, yet unamed organic fertilizer company is also under investigation.