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Plectrantus ‘Mona Lavender’

plectranthus flower


You will probably have to look in the outdoor plant section to find this beauty. It is a member of the mint and Swedish ivy family and a great indoor plant.

The leaves are thick, fuzzy, deep dark green on top and dark purple underneath. The more sun it gets the better leave color you will get. But don’t put it in a south facing window or you’ll burn it.

It will grow in east, west or north windows, any light exposure that is not direct sun will do fine. It will bloom easily indoors, flowers are light lavender and small on long spikes.

It does best in a hanging basket.

Water frequently and drain well.

Flowers occur on new growth, so prune regularly. And you can easily root your cuttings to make gifts of this plant for friends.

These are tropical plants, protect them from cold drafts in the winter.