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Leaf Drop (if any)
All at once
Slowly beginning with older leaves
Leaf Color (compared to normal for plant)
White, beige at edges of leaves working toward stem end of leaf
Pale green, yellow older leaves
Pale green, yellow newer leaves
Dark green (all leaves)
Pale green (all leaves)
Edges are red
Leaf Size (compared to normal for plant)
New leaves are small compared to older ones
Leaf browning
New leaves are brown
Tips of leaves are brown
Edges of leaves are brown
Brown spots on leaves
Leaf Shape (compared to normal)
Leaf curls down
Accordian type creases
Vertical splits
Wrinkled leaves on thick leafed plants
Bumps on leaves
Sticky spots on leaves
Plant Growth
Whole plant wilts
Poor, or slow new growth
No new growth
Bending toward light
Leggy growth
Crown rot
No flowers
Flower color is pale, faded
Flower buds drop off
Flowers do not last as long as they should
Flowers are smaller in size than they should be
Black flies appear when you water the plant
Tiny bugs and webbing appear when the sun hits the plant
Green, white or black, hard, tiny insects are on plant
Pseudo bulbs on orchids are wrinkled
Leaves are drooping

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