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Old Man’s Beard ( Rhipsalis Capilliformis )

This is one of my favorite plants. I’ve only seen it in a store the time I purchased it. After growing so many house plants, for so long, you really enjoy something new and drastically different.

It is a cactus, but it prefers more water and less sun than most cactus. A southern or bright east or west window will suit it fine. If you put it outside in the summer place it under a tree in dappled shade. It can comfortably handle temperatures down to the mid-30s.

I water it when the soil feels dry on top for about a half an inch.

I propagate it by pulling a small plug from the plant and putting that in water until I see new roots.

The plant needs to be trimmed right now so it will bush out more. This is the plant from a plug I took of the original about 2 years ago.