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Killing plants so you don't have to

Oh no I forgot to water my plants!

It’s been busy at work or you went on vacation and you come home to a bunch of dried up sorry looking plants. You forgot to water your plants.

How dead is your plant? Plants will come back from just about any state of death.

First take your plant to the sink or a bucket and submerge the pot in water. This may take a few minutes. If the soil is extremely dry it may try to float up and out of the pot so hang on to it and keep an eye on it. Once the plant is thoroughly soaked leave it soaking in water up to the rim of the pot for an hour or more.

Then drain the water from your plant. Let the water out of the sink and give your plant several minutes to drain thoroughly.

Now take some sharp, clean scissors and remove dead and severely damaged leaves.

Give your plant a half dose of its regular fertilizer.

Place it back in its usual home and wait. You’ll be amazed at how many plants will send up new leaves and rebound even though you thought they were dead.

If it is very dried out or a plant you attached to you can also try this:

Un-pot the plant and soak the roots in a bucket of water for about an hour.

Replant the plant in some sphagnum moss ( available at most nurseries ) Soak the moss and drain out the excess water.

Take a clear plastic bag and form a green house over the plant and pot. A few sticks will keep the plastic off the plant. Now put it in a sunny window. After a few weeks you should see new leaves coming. Remove the plastic tent when new leaves appear. After a few months of healthy growth re-pot the plant back in its regular potting medium.

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