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Killing plants so you don't have to

Here’s an interesting news story about setting up houseplants for beginnners

I recently ran across an interesting article in a Maine newspaper about how to set up a houseplant area for the first time. If you’re just now discovering houseplants you may want to give it a read.

Few items do more to spruce up a space than a house plant.

They soften the surroundings, adding rich colors, lively shapes, and a purity that can be sensed in an instant.

House plants bring the best parts of the outdoors in, and with the variety available, can be made to match any room.
You can really have an indoor landscape,” said Susan Babb of O’Donal’s Nursery in Gorham.

The first step in constructing your own at-home atrium is to decide where you would like to place the plants. The conditions of a spot — the temperature and amount of light available — will determine what kind of plant will flourish. Generally, plants that require a lot of light need a window with southern exposure, said Babb, while shade-loving varieties need a northern window. . . . [ read more A helpful guide to houseplants]