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More flower arranging tips and ideas

You can place a drinking glass or glass jar in another container, clear or not and fill the space between them with cranberries, pretty stones or just about anything small to create a seasonal flower vase.

For the holidays, fill the space with cranberries and put water and red roses in the glass as an example.

I recently attended a talk on flower arranging and here are some things I learned that you might not know:

If you are using green florists foam in an arrangement you should soak it for 24 hours before using it.

Cut sunflowers should be given hot water ( about a hot shower temperature ) and lots of it, they are thirsty flowers.

Cut roses under warm water, and on a diagonal.

Cut tuberose needs sugar water for the flowers to open, use 2 to 3 cups of sugar water in vase.

Christmas trees should also be given hot water ( hot shower temperature ) it loosens up the sap and they will take up more water after the initial cut if it is hot. Your tree should soak up 5 to 8 gallons of water the first day and less thereafter.

Use the flower preservatives that come with your cut flowers as directed. Using an anti-desiccant on your cut flowers gives them a longer life. Both can be obtained online or at your favorite florist. If you don’t have floral preservatives the next best way to preserve cut flowers is not aspirin or sugar but lemon and lime soda, about one can per vase fill the rest with water. ( Tips on extending the life of fresh flowers )

When you cut the ends off the flowers before placing them in the vase use a razor, not scissors. Scissors will crush the xylem cells that transport water up to the flower.

Candles should be burned a bit before placing out. Never ever place unburned candles ( those with wicks still white ) in a display. Some consider it bad manners, candles should show you are ready for hospitality.