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Mondo grass ( Ophiopogon japonica )

Thanks for the photo and what a neat idea with the gravel

I was wandering through news stories I’ve posted here looking for plants I hadn’t covered and ran across Mondo Grass. I thought this is a might strange houseplant. But then I went looking for pictures and found this really cool planting of Mondo Grass as a houseplant. It looks so minimalist and modern I love it.

Outdoors it is a drought tolerant plant so if you forget to water it occasionally it’ll forgive you. It also does well in boggy areas so it should forgive you just about anything as a houseplant. It prefers moist but not sopping soil.

It will need bright light however. Remember shade outside is like a bright window indoors.

It should also do well in an indoor water garden or fountain. It is commonly used as an accent plant in bonsai.