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Micro indoor water garden experiments

I’ve been experimenting with indoor water gardening since I’ve seen the cool gardens at the flower show. This is more of an indoor bog garden than full underwater garden. I’m still looking for cool plants for one that is totally under water.

Lucky bamboo and rush, both straight and curly, do excellent in indoor water gardens. The rush will eventually get to be about 2′ tall, about the same as the lucky bamboo is right now. It will also fill out so it is not so sparse.

I’m told umbrella plants (cyperus involucratus ) do very well indoors too. The store has been out each time I’ve been by. Papyrus does not do well indoors. Mine took about a week to start looking unhappy and I re-planted it outdoors.

These plants are just planted in the vase with rocks to keep the lucky bamboo standing upright. The rocks will also help to hide some of the roots from the rush.

These plants can be found in places that sell pond supplies. I find they sell out almost as fast as the stores stock them so you may have to obtain them online.