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What a beautiful lithops garden, thanks for the photo!

Known as the living stone plant they are from South Africa and love heat and drought. Flowers come in the fall and early winter. They are succulents, so lots of heat, light and very little water is called for.

Put them on your sunniest windowsill. Plant them in sand or gravely soil. Shallow pots are best. The average rainfall in their native climate is 2″ a year. Go very easy on the watering.

Flowers come up through the split in the middle and look like tiny daisies.

After flowering bodies form new leaves and the old leaves dry up. What leaves you ask? The part of the plant you see is the leaves. They generally get one new pair of leaves per year.

Only water in the summer if they appear to begin to wrinkle or shrivel. Give them a good once a year drenching when you see flowers. Water very lightly when you water the rest of the year. Do not water when new leaves are forming. New leaves draw water from older leaves that is why the older ones shrivel. Water again when old leaves are gone and new leaves are growing.

If they begin to get thin and leggy they need more light. Often they will lean towards the light when it is too little for them. If they receive too much sun they will get white burn spots.

Keep them warm, over 40’F.

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