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Landscape the inside of your home too

We all use plants to brighten our homes and decorate them. But I hadn’t thought of it as landscaping the home. A shift in viewpoint sometimes will give you some interesting ideas.

Indoor plants get a raw deal in Britain. The green-fingered Dutch understand only too well the benefits of flourishing house plants and use them as an integral part of their interior design, but we lag far behind.That may be about to change. Interior landscape design is big business. Modern buildings with their high glass atriums and huge areas of windows demand the softer shapes and contrasting green of plants. The time is ripe for homes to get the same treatment.Research has shown that plants can relieve sick building syndrome by increasing humidity, reducing noise and air temperature, and removing pollutants from the air. NASA has shown that the Dragon Tree, Dracaena, widely used in interior landscaping, is very effective for “scrubbing” pollutants such as benzine and formaldehyde from the air in stuffy offices.

“Plants can also help to direct people into certain areas in public buildings, and to relieve stress and make them feel more comfortable,” says Nick Brammall, of Ambius, one of the largest international interior landscaping companies. [ read more Landscape gardening for the home]

They recommend Weeping figs, Ferns, Geraniums, Spathiphyllums, Primrose, and Orchids. These are common indoor plants in England but less so in the US. So if you are looking for something different, give one of these a try.

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