Herself's Houseplants

Killing plants so you don't have to

January is the cruelest month

When I lived in the northeast I’d garden about six months of the year and had a sunroom full of houseplants to tide me through the winter. Now down here in Houston I garden about 10 months of the year. So you would think it wouldn’t be so bad.

But it is. Come January I just can’t stand it anymore. I need more houseplants. It doesn’t matter that the library, master bath, kitchen and one office are full of plants fighting for space at the windows. Not even a little. I need more plants.

But in January the stores have the sorriest looking collection of houseplants. More of the same plants you already own and they are a rather sad looking group anyhow.

No one wants to ship plants in January. I’ve had to beg, bribe, and pay lots extra for over night shipping just to get the plant stores to consider shipping me a new houseplant in January. “But I must have new houseplants now.”, I beg them.  I won’t last until spring.

But alas no luck.  My favorite nursery will be the one that has a decent houseplant collection for sale in January.  But such a nursery does not yet exist.