Herself's Houseplants

Killing plants so you don't have to

Is the air in your home killing your houseplants?

Maybe you really do have a green thumb and it’s the air in your house that is doing in your plants?

A new home can be even more dangerous. Just bring in a plant, and it will tell you.

“Fresh paint, fresh carpeting, fresh furniture — the plants are dying. You could see the leaves just burning to a crisp,” said Bruce Jacobson, a plant expert who does indoor landscaping for offices and buildings. “What were they doing? They were cleaning the air.”

Jacobson said newer buildings and homes have chemicals in the air that plants can help filter.

Experts said not to be too disappointed if your plants die. It could just be a sign that your plants are doing their job.

“Every time we replaced them, they did better and better, and after about six months, the plants were just fine,” Jacobson said. [ read more Healthy House Plants]

Plants, for your health has a chart of which plants are recommended by them to remove which toxins.