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Never murder a houseplant again

Plant Doctor App

Never murder a house plant again.

Do you know the number one killer of house plants? Starvation. There’s just not enough sunlight coming through the windows in the winter to feed your plants.

Do you know the number two killer of house plants? Lack of humidity. The average home is 67% drier than the Sahara Desert in the winter and most house plants come from humid tropical climates.

It can be frustrating trying to grow beautiful house plants. Let the doctor help you.

15 years of training and growing houseplants are combined with an intelligent expert system to instantly give you simple scientifically proven solutions.

– Simply scroll through a list of the 32 most common symptoms of plant distress and select the symptoms your plant is showing. The Doctor will tell you what to do.

– In-depth detailed analysis along with a detailed solution
– A simple solution list is provided telling you to provide more or less: light, water, fertilizer, heat, and humidity
– Universal app, works on your iPhone, iPod or iPad.

Plant Doctor

Plant Doctor App

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