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Interesing facts about succulents

Consider these fascinating succulent facts:* All cactuses are succulents, but not all succulents are cactuses.
* Most succulents have no leaves, only plump water-storing stems in various shapes and sizes. Leaves and branches are expressed in some succulents as spines – such as you find in cactuses.
* Spines or thorns protect cactuses from predators.
* Hairy succulents collect water by trapping dew.
* Agaves collect water by channeling it from their outstretched stems to the base.
* Barrel cactuses, with their pleated shapes, expand and contract depending on how much water they have stored.
* Waxy coatings on many succulent surfaces prevent the release of water back into the atmosphere.
* Many desert-adapted cactuses spread their roots wide just below the soil surface to catch and keep every raindrop that comes their way.
* The smaller a succulent is, the higher in elevation is its native habitat. You can find some sedums in alpine areas.
* Century plant is a misnomer. These plants actually bloom every 10 years or so.
is exposed to the sun.

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