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Indoor plants as retro fashion

The Brisbane Times had an interesting story on using house plants in today’s minimalist designs. Most of the designers interviewed did not like the idea of indoor plants, but some said they soften today’s interiors.

The recommendations were to use large plants. If you couldn’t use a large plant, then group several small plants in a large container. Lots of small plants scattered around will look cluttery.

They also listed 10 recommended plants for interior design and ease of care:
Fiddler’s fig, Yucca, Jade, Aspidistra, Wollemi Pine, Mother-in-law’s tongue, Ponytail Palm, Giant Mondo Grass, Pachypodium, and Moth orchids.

Brisbane is in Australia and most of us don’t have enough sunshine to grow some of these plants, but they are an interesting collection and the article ( link below ) is worth a read.

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