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Today I took a class in Ikenobo down in Houston proper.

Ikenobo translates to ‘flowers kept alive’. It is the oldest of the Ikebana schools which were founded by the Buddhist priest Ikenobo Senkei. It dates back to the 15th century. ( see Ikenbana )

The class we attended was at the Tachibana School It was great fun and the class was only $10. You should bring a container for your arrangement and a frog. I found a frog at Garden Ridge. The school supplied the flowers and greenery.

This was my first flower arranging class, and it shows. But that’ll give me an excuse to take more classes.

The teacher passed around several pictures of traditional arrangements in this style before class. She then made suggestions through out the class to individuals. When the class was winding down she critiqued each piece showing us little changes to further improve our designs. They also provided several containers which you can check out and return like library books.

If you are looking for something different to do consider a class in Ikenobo.

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