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How to grow pineapple plants from pineapples

These are good plants for children to begin gardening. Cut the top off of a pineapple about a half inch below the bottom leaves. Trim excess fruit away. Then allow it to dry out on the counter for a week or two. Otherwise the fruit still on there will cause it to rot.

Then place this in a pot. Water the pineapple regularly and put in a sunny location. In one to three months roots will form and new leaves will begin to appear.

If you take good care of your pineapple, giving it lots of sun and not over watering it you may get a pineapple from it in a couple of years. After which it will die. Pineapples only live long enough to bear fruit. New plants appear as babies around where the mother plant was the following season.

The top picture is of one I planted one year ago. It has been growing rapidly the last couple of months. The diameter from leaf tip to leaf tip is now about three feet.