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Give the gift that keeps on blooming

Have you met this tiny beauty in your house? The African Violet is one of the nicest gifts from the garden because from each leaf you can get a new plant for free!Even if you have one African violet and want one more, take out an unused drinking glass and fill it to the top with water. Cover the top with aluminum foil. Make a hole in the foil to let the leaf stalk stand in the water while the leaf remains on the foil. Remember that if you get that leaf wet, it will be the end of your African violet. [ read more Write an African Violet Letter to a friend]

The article describes how to root an African Violet from a leaf. It also suggests that an African Violet leaf along with rooting instructions makes a great gift. I’m not sure wrapping it in cellophane and taping it to cardboard is the best shipping method however. Better to take some of those small boxes left over from the holidays and ship your already rooted leaf in one of those.  I’m thinking perhaps an  egg carton can be cut into nice packages for your African Violet leaves.