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Growing herbs indoors

Growing herbs indoors is a challenge. Herbs need lots and lots of light. Even the sunniest house window is often too dark for them.

But if you can get light to your herbs they will thrive as well inside as out.

I was window shopping a month or so ago and wandered into a cooking store. They had a set up with herbs thriving growing inside of gel and water with bright fluorescent lights over them. The set up looked a bit clunky but the idea was good.

So I picked up a bright fluorescent light at the big box hardware store, tossed some soil and worm castings into a couple of pots and tossed herb seeds on top. The picture is how they look a month later. The lemon basil and lime basil are going to town. The chives are a bit slower getting going but doing well all the same.

If you wish to grow herbs indoors you need a very bright window, or a very bright fluorescent light. The rest is easy.

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