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Grow your orchids in glass containers

Growing orchids in glass containers is a nice way to modernize your display.

If you have orchids that are young or do not get large you can plant them in large glass containers. I have some planted in sphagnum moss, some in regular potting soil, others in bark.

The trick is to keep the roots moist with out letting water collect at the bottom of the container. And that is more difficult than it sounds.

I have a spray bottle with 10% the regular dose of fertilizer and water. When the roots stop looking green or the planting medium feels dry, I spray the plants until the roots and media are damp. I find that’s about twice a week in the winter when the house is dry. I spray them about once a week in the summer when it’s much more humid in here.

I find phalaenopsis do not do well in glass containers, every other orchid I’ve had in a glass container has thrived.

Cleaning the nooks and crannies of the glass containers can be a challenge. My favorite way is to use some table salt and ice and just shake it around the container. Other people have recommended salt and vinegar or alka seltzer or baking soda and vinegar.