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Golden Hawaiian Bamboo ( Bambusa Vulgaris Vittata )

Golden Hawaiian bamboo

Golden Hawaiian bamboo

I have this dining room – living room – front entry way that all connect and have 18′ ceilings. I’ve been trying to figure out what to plant in the entry way that would not get totally lost and decided to try bamboo.

This plant is a new acquisition, so I may re-write some information here over time. Right now I’m relying on book and internet sources.

I chose this bamboo because it was cheap. My experience has been that when plants are cheap it is because they are easy to grow and fast growing. So I hoped that would mean it would adapt to indoor living easily. Many bamboo sellers say it will do well potted indoors.

I should also have checked light conditions. This bamboo likes lots of light so may not do well inside. If you have not yet chosen a bamboo for indoors pick one that is both cheap ( easy to grow and fast growing ) and shade loving.

Outdoors in the sun it will grow 55′ tall with 4″ culms. In a pot ( 25 gallon is the recommended size ) indoors it should max out at 15′ or so if it gets lots of sun. If it gets too tall you can just top it off.

This bamboo wants to be in a sunny window, and watered frequently. While you can not over water a bamboo, do not leave it sitting in water. It prefers acidic water so add a tablespoon of apple cider vinegar per gallon of water for watering.

When you first bring bamboo home it will drop about half its leaves. Do not panic. This is normal.

Bamboo will want to be re-potted once a year or so. Otherwise should require little care.

As a general rule the larger the leaves are on a bamboo the less light it needs and the better it will do as an indoor plant.

In general bamboo drops its leaves when too wet indoors, and the leaves curl when too dry.

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