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Flamingo Flower (Anthurium andraeanum)

I found this Anthurium planted in volcanic rock at Smith and Hawkins last evening. I couldn’t resist it.

I have it sitting in a copper pan of water. The Anthurium plant is an epiphyte from Ecuador and Columbia.

Anthurium plants want filtered bright light. So put Anthuriums on a desk or counter where the house lights are on most of the time or in a not too bright window. If you are not getting new flowers give the plant more light or more humidity. They will not flower if the air is too dry or too cold. If the flowers have too much green or you don’t have flowers in them give the Anthurium more light.

It is a tropical plant and will not tolerate cool temperatures. Keep it between 70’F to 90’F if you can. It will tolerate occasional temperatures into the low 40’s. But only occasionally and only if the plant is healthy to start.

It will do much better growing in soil than it will on the volcanic rock. Consider transplanting it to soil if it doesn’t do well for you on the rock. Because it is very root bound when planted in volcanic rock, you’ll have to water it daily. It prefers to grow in a soil high in peat moss.

If you transplant it keep it slightly root bound. Water often but do not leave the roots sitting in water.

As with most tropical plants it is important to keep it humid. Keep it in a bathroom or kitchen if your home is dry.

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