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Doritaenopsis orchids

This is a hybrid orchid derived from a Phaleanopsis and Doritis orchid. This is smaller than your Phaleanopsis and requires the same care as your Phal. orchid.

If your home is humid, plant it in bark, if your home is dry, plant it in sphagnum moss. It should be dry enough to require water once a week. If it is in bark put your finger in the middle and down a few inches and see if it is still moist in there, if so wait. If it is in moss the top will be totally dry when it needs water. Some gardener place a short wooden skewer in the middle of the bark. Then you can just pull out the skewer to see if it needs water.

Do not let Dpts go dry. I find more orchids die from under watering than over. Leaves should be stiff and unwrinkled. Wrinkled leaves mean it hasn’t been getting enough water. Leaves should not be floppy. That too is from under watering.

Place them in a west or east window. Leaves should be medium green when the light is correct.

I don’t usually put these ones out in the summer with my other orchids. If water gets caught in the middle between the leaves it will rot in one night. Also when you water be sure to keep water out of the crown or dry it with a q-tip or towel if you do get water in there.

This orchid is also very temperature sensitive keep it over 50’F and preferably over 60’F.