Herself's Houseplants

Killing plants so you don't have to

Decorating with house plants

What would a room be with out plants? Enter any well designed commercial building and you’ll notice it has plants. Pick up any decorating magazine, flip to any page, see how many rooms you can find without plants.

As we get more technological and spend more time indoors that connection with the outside world becomes more important. Living plants create that connection so much better than do fake ones.

When you consider which plants to put in what room start thinking about what size and shape statue you would use. Don’t think about what care the plant needs until after you’ve picked a size and shape. Then find a plant in that size and shape that will do well in the light conditions in that room.

Look at how the professionals decorate with plants in commercial buildings and in decorating magazines. Many of the cool plant displays can be recreated without much money or time.

What to do about the dark spots? Many plants used as house plants grow deep on the jungle floor and do not need much light. { Cast iron plant, mother-in-laws tongue, rubber trees all do well in low light } You can add a lamp with a fluorescent bulb near the plant if you need to provide more light. You can buy a couple of plants that are similar for different rooms and rotate them through bright and dark rooms to keep them looking well.