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Burrageara Orchid

Burrageara orchids are not found in nature but are a cross of Cochlooda, Miltonia, Odontoglossum, and Oncidium.

Burragearas want as much light as possible in the winter, here in New England that means a south facing window. The rest of the year protect the plant from direct sun. An east or west window should do.

Water these orchids when the moss is dry to the touch at the top. They do not do well in planted in bark indoors. If you do plant one in bark, check daily to be sure it doesn’t need water. Do not allow these orchids to get totally dry, neither allow them to sit in water.

At the bottom of the plant, where the leaves come out, is a pseudo bulb. If this is becoming shriveled and wrinkled the plant wants more water. The older bulbs will be slightly but not excessively shriveled. New pseudo bulbs should not be shriveled but instead be smooth.

The best potting medium for orchids grown as house plants indoors is sphagnum moss. But I find this plant does well in dirt too, probably because he so hates getting dried out.

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