Herself's Houseplants

Killing plants so you don't have to

If you don’t bring cuttings of those plants in now, you’ll hate yourself this winter

Make gardening fun by bringing summer indoors for the winter.

Cuttings are a way to extend the growing season and to nurture optimism that life in the garden will continue.

What do you have in the ground or in containers that may be carried over to spring? Ivy, coleus, begonia, zebrina (inch plant) and setcreasea (purple heart), purchased as container plants, are easy to root in water or moist sand.

Propagation is easy. Take cuttings of new growth, remove the lower leaves, make a clean cut and place in water. After roots develop, transfer to pots for the winter and transplant in garden containers next spring. . . . [ read more Cuttings can keep summer around during the winter]

Some plants, like begonias, root from leaf cuttings, most will root from a stem cutting. Remember too the biggest killer of indoor plants is a lack of light. Be sure to find your new plants a bright, sunny location.