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Ball moss ( Tillandsia recurvata )

Tillandsia recuvata grows wild in the US from Arizona to Florida. It can often be found on oak trees, especially live oaks. It is an epiphyte ( air plant ). Ball moss grows 2″-6″ long and produces flowers on 6″ spikes in the autumn. It is part of the Bromeliaceae family of plants.

It can grow in full sun but is happiest under a tree canopy so I’d put it in a low light window or several feet from a window.

It loves humidity, we have ours in the bathroom, kitchens also work well for tillandsia plants. It does not like breezes so don’t put it near a fan.

It is sensitive to lime, which might be why the ends of this one are brown. I’ll have to try it on some bottled water and let you know if that helps. You might want to just use bottled water on yours. Rain water is best if available.

Do not use copper based fungicides near ball moss, they will kill the plant.

Ball moss uses its roots only as an anchor to hold itself in place. All food and water are taken in through the leaves. Small purple flowers appear on long stems in the spring.

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Floridata: Tillandsia recurvata