Herself's Houseplants

Killing plants so you don't have to

Americans love houseplants and container gardening

We love our plants. And we really love growing them in pots. The current ‘in’ color scheme is complimentary. These are colors opposite each other on the color wheel. ( orange-blue, yellow-purple, red-green )

Gardening and houseplants are one of the things people continue to spend money on even in a recession, probably due to low cost and because they make us feel so good.

When it comes to using plant-filled pots on the porch or around the landscape, Americans are hardly able to contain themselves. U.S. consumers spend more than $1.3 billion a year on this gardening method, according to Container Gardening Associated, an online site devoted to the technique.
Container gardens, the use of a variety of plants in any type of container, are often associated with yardless apartments or condominiums. But they also are popular with the elderly and disabled , as well as for areas where soil quality is a problem or where pots define an area or direct traffic. [ read more Americans Hard to Contain on Potted Plant Expenditures ]