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Air Plants ( Tillandsia )

Tillandsia are part of the Bromelaid family of plants.

These are not so much grown in air as they are grown with out soil.

They still need regular soakings with water and fertilizer.

The plants have tiny scales which absorb nutrients. The more and larger the scales are the more light and less water the plant receives while out in the wild. The glossier ones want less light and more water.

Most prefer bright, indirect light. I have mine in a partly shaded east window and they are doing well there.

Some people grow these quite successfully in baskets and hold the plants under running water a couple of times a week.  I find I do best with them in terrariums.  I have mine sitting on glass beads in a terrarium.  I keep the water in the beads but don’t let it get high enough to touch the plant.  Mine are thriving this way.  Use which ever method works best for you.

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