Herself's Houseplants

Killing plants so you don't have to

About Herself’s House Plants

Gardening has been a hobby of mine for as long as I can remember. In Boston the winters were long and house plants took care of my garden cravings in the winters and brightened up the house.

Now we know that house plants also clean the air and create a healthier environment for the home’s inhabitants. House plants are one of the least expensive ways to brighten up your home and office.

I was born and raised south of Boston and moved to the Houston area in May of 2005. I have a Master of Science Degree in Physics and a Bachelor of Science in both Computer Science and Physics. I am a member of the The Woodlands Garden Club board, volunteer at Mercer and former Master Gardener.

I can be contacted by email or by twittering times_to_come

Other things I’m working on: