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A rose by any other name

Naturally it would smell as sweet, but would a rose by any other name attract your attention as quickly as “Pope John Paul II”?Ken Rowe doubts it. People in the rose-naming business deliberately go for something catchy for just that reason, he said. Rowe, of Corvallis, is chairman of the 17th annual Albany Rose Show, which continues through 6 p.m. today at Heritage Mall in Albany.

Visitors to the show will see table after table of the fragile blooms, boasting names such as, “Timeless,” “Veterans’ Honor,” and “Hoagy Carmichael.” [ more How catchy is the name of your favorite rose?]

There are now companies that will name a rose after you or a loved one for a fee. Google ‘naming a rose’ to get a list of vendors.

Or you can go to Every Rose and search for roses by name.