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A new way to display your flowers


“THERE has been a very big European trend to have oversized vases and create arrangements inside of them,” says Paula Pryke, a London-based authority on all things floral and author of the new book “Table Flowers: Innovative Floral Designs for Entertaining.” For a smart, sophisticated and simple-to-make variation on the current trend, Pryke suggests suspending orchids in glass. “You don’t need a lot of flowers,” she says. “It does last a couple of weeks.” [ read more Flowers get a fresh new look]

I like this, it has a very modern feel to it. The author gives how-to details in the article. I like the way the coiled aluminum wire suspends the flowers. I hadn’t noticed when I first saw the photo that the vase is also full of water that has had some plant food added to it.