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7 Tips to grow herbs from seed indoors

One of the most challenging groups of plants to grow indoors is herbs.

1) Start seeds directly in a pot with soil. Your best successes growing herbs indoors will come with the ones you start from scratch. Not to mention there are a ton more varieties of seeds available than plants.

2) Go easy harvesting herbs grown indoors. They are not going to be as large nor as fast growing as your outdoor ones.

3) Herbs grown for their leaves are the best choice for indoor herbs. Herbs grown for flowers or roots are not usually successful inside.

4) When sowing herbs indoors, put the soil in a pot, soak it, drain it, then plant the seeds to about twice their size down.

5) Put the pots in a warm location ~80’F and cover with wet newspaper. This provides dark and damp for the germinating seeds. This works especially well for seeds too tiny to sow into the soil. Don’t let the paper touch the seeds, just put it over the top of the pot. Take the paper off for a couple of hours each day and check to be sure the soil remains damp while waiting for germination. Use a spray bottle to dampen the soil if needed.

6) Once seeds sprout, remove newspaper, move to a cooler location and give them bright but not direct light. Do not keep them too wet. If the soil is too wet at this stage fungi will destroy your seedlings.

7) Once the plants have two or more leaves you can thin them out and move them to a brighter location. Place herbs in your sunniest window and supplement them with a fluorescent light. Get the brightest bulb you can and place it as close to the herbs as you can. Herbs want about 16 hours of light per day.