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5 Exotic House plants to dazzle your friends

All of these plants are easy to find and to grow.

Pitcher plants, Venus fly traps
Voodoo bulbs
Prayer plants

Anthruim has a bright red one petaled flower with a spike. It will grow just about anywhere that is humid. Bathrooms and kitchens work best. I have one that is growing on volcanic rock.

Pitcher plants and Venus fly traps are bog plants that catch and eat bugs. It doesn’t get any stranger than that. They are easy to grow. Put the plant pot in a saucer of water and place it in a not too bright window.

Orchids are amazing plants. They are easy to find now and quite inexpensive. The flowers are all colored and shaped like various bugs. This attracts the bugs that eat those bugs or mate with those bugs to the flowers to pollenate them.

Voodoo bulbs have a petal that wraps itself around a very large stamen. It is pollenated in the wild by trash flies so one day during its blooming cycle it gives off a smell like rotting meat. This bulb will bloom even with out soil.

Prayer plants have large oval leaves. The leaves fold up against each other in the evening making it appear the plant is praying.